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Apple TV

What equipment do I need?
The following equipment is used for APOP: Flat screen Internet TV, TV Mount & Electrical Plug.
What is the cost for using APOP in a restaurant?
There is a one time purchase cost for the APOP equipment. The average cost of the APOP equipment for a single restaurant is approximately $700 +/-. The equipment cost depends on the design and the needs of your restaurant such as a mall location, airport location, free standing location, multiple monitors (optional), etc. There is an initial APOP software license use cost per day. There is no limit on the number of restaurants that can be added to APOP. All design, photography and set up will be the responsibility of the licensee. ImageNNetwork will install, upgrade and support the installation of the APOP software.
Do I have full control of what is being seen or promoted at all my restaurants?
YES. You have complete control of whatever you want displayed or promoted at each or your restaurants.
Do I need a special computer person in my company for APOP?
NO. Absolutely not. There is no special APOP computer work needed on a daily basis. There is the original APOP setup necessary for your company (list of stores, list of items sold, graphics, etc.).
What do I do if I have any problems with APOP?
There are very simple troubleshooting steps to use (in a matter of minutes) to identify what the problem may be. ImageN can also test your APOP system to identify where the problem may be. By using those few steps, you will be know what to do to solve the problem. Your APOP Control Center also includes a sophisticated support system to enable you to ask and receive support assistance.
How long does it take to create an APOP Movie Play List for all my restaurants?
It can take as little as 3 minutes to create an APOP Movie Play List to have APOP playing at all of your restaurants for 1 week.
Can you install more than 1 monitor (or smaller monitors) at each restaurant?
APOP can be viewed on multiple monitors at the same time in a single restaurant. You might want to have smaller monitors near the cash registers, an additional large monitor in another area of the restaurant or you might need smaller monitors if you have a mall or an airport restaurant.
Can I have different selling prices for the same menu item?
YES. You can have as many different selling prices as necessary for the same menu item as your mall or highway restaurants may have different prices than some of your other restaurants.
Can APOP display lunch menu items during breakfast?
YES. If you sell lunch items during breakfast, APOP can display whatever menu items you want to display at any time of the day for maximum flexibility.

Can APOP accommodate multiple time zones?
YES. Each restaurant can have their own different time zone and APOP will change dayparts according to each individual restaurant's time zone.
How many restaurants can be set up for one owner?
APOP can accommodate an unlimited number of restaurants owned by the same company.
Do I have to use all APOP features?
NO. You control all APOP features. You can use whatever you want and turn off any feature that you don't want to use.
How do I know APOP will produce extra profit?
In some locations that APOP was installed, we compared the APOP promotions by polling the registers to see what the impact value was for the promoted items. The items and the promotions that were displayed on APOP created an increase in profit and the sales were substantially different from when those items and promotions were not displayed. Your restaurants may currently display large POP (point of purchase) photographs in your restaurant menu board to promote and increase sales of items.
Do I have to control APOP from my office?
NO. You can control APOP for all your locations from wherever you have a laptop, desktop computer, cell phone and a WiFi connection or a direct connection to the Internet.
Can APOP be set up in advance?
YES. APOP can be set up to 2 months in advance and if you happen to forgot to set it up on a particular day, a default list of generic APOP will be shown.
Can I have different APOP Promotions displaying at each restaurants?
YES. If you have 6 restaurants, APOP can display a different promotion at each restaurant on the same day.
How many items can I promote for each daypart?
You can promote up to 20 different items per daypart. Since there are 4 dayparts per day, a total of 80 items can be promoted each day (not recommended as more is not necessarily better).
Do I know if APOP is actually playing at all of my restaurants?
YES. You can view in the "What's Playing" section in your APOP Control Center to see if APOP is playing at all of your restaurants. A 24 hour graph on your computer will indicate if all of your restaurants have APOP playing each hour.
Do you supply any marketing assistance or success stories?
There is a complete marketing section providing creative ideas and suggestions on how to use APOP to create additional sales and profit. There is also a section for APOP users to submit their own success stories on how they used APOP to increase sales and profits. Sharing success stories and ideas will help you use APOP effectively.
Does APOP have anything interesting for the adults and children?
YES. APOP has interesting historical photographs, current news and random facts.
Can I Use My Smartphone or iPad?
APOP can be viewed on your smartphone as well as controlling your store monitors with your smartphone.
How do I start using APOP?
Click the contact tab at the top of the screen.


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