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In 1992, Philip Tulin's vision of adding animation to point of purchase to increase sales and profits became a reality. McDonald's®, d'angelo sandwich shops, Burger King and other fast food restaurants were the first to start using APOP.
"And apple pies have been selling like hotcakes since the McDonald's® in Cromwell started promoting the desert with APOP", said Al Jacques, restaurant owner/operator.
 Hartford Courant Article (1995)
"We sold additional sales on whatever was promoted on APOP during the day. We had customers switch from soda to ice tea (additional profit) and also benefited with increased incremental sales. I didn't even even have to turn on or manage APOP. It was totally automatic", said Doyle McGaha (past owner of Torrington, CT McDonald's® - 1992). The photograph on the right shows APOP on a 15" monitor under the menu board in Torrington, CT McDonald's®.

Original APOP in McDonald's®.
Original APOP in McDonald's®.

"We like the product", said Chip McGlauglin, vice president of the Massachusetts-base d'angelo chain. "It's novel. It's also going to entertain our customers while they're waiting. So far, the concept has worked. The d'angelo sandwich shops saw profits rise more than $1,500 in January, after a month of promoting french fries, potato chips, drinks and value meals." Hartford Courant Article (1995)

Original APOP in d'angelo.

ImageNNetwork designed and programmed the original McDonald's® ISP (In-Store Processor). The ISP software (inventory control, menu item sales, labor scheduling, cash control, direct order entry, etc.) was created on 2 - 5¼" disks, dial-up modems and operated on 64k of RAM. Direct order entry was sent to Martin Brower, Golden State Foods, etc. and all the products, product pricing, menu items, etc. were automatically updated via a modem. The original ISP software tracked the profit impact of APOP.

Original APOP in d'angelo.

The impact results of APOP (displayed on the right) were tracked by the McDonald's® ISP. The marketing reports confirmed that APOP had increased profits at every McDonald's® using APOP.
Ahead Of The Times:
The concept of APOP in 1992 was too far ahead of the needed technology (computers, monitors, Internet) and technology had to catch up with the concept. With today's technology, APOP can now be implemented extremely cost effectively and with MORE POWERFUL MARKETING.

APOP graph results.

Now in 2020, APOP is everything he had imagined in 1992... and much more.
With the advent of smartphones and the tablets, you are now able to control your APOP monitors at all locations as well as BROADCAST your APOP business specials and promotions to everyone's smartphones and tablets.

Philip Tulin
Philip Tulin has been an entrepreneur creating new visions for 30+ years… and his innovations have been changing industries with technology. He has been creatively involved with the Internet before browsers were even available and his products have been used extensively across the USA.

In the early 1970's he created one of the earliest, integrated software systems for food & paper distributors (order entry, purchasing, payroll, truck routing, inventory control, invoicing, marketing, etc. - family owned business). He also designed, invented and produced many fast food packaging. In 1981, he created one of the first restaurant management software applications to help restaurants control their food costs, cash control, labor scheduling, food production, recipes, catering and more. In the early 1990's, he developed the first ISP (In-Store Processors) for McDonald’s and also developed software to run Arbys, Wendys, Burger King, Roy Rogers and KFC locations. He was the first developer of direct order entry into McDonald’s distribution systems across the USA.

In 1992, he developed APOP for the restaurant industry... and he has been developing new Internet products & concepts ever since (type A personality :+).

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Original Resataurant Management Software.

Original Resataurant Management Software.


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